26 May 2022 |

Independent Research Shows Progression of Genero Adran Premier

2021-11-21 Aberystwyth Women v Pontypridd Town Women-91.jpg

Neilson, a global leader in audience research, recently surveyed adults in Wales on their perceptions of football in several areas.

The feedback for the Genero Adran Premier is extremely encouraging, with interest and positive associations with the league growing since the first report in 2016. Not only is the league beating previous numbers, but is frequently exceeding the European benchmarks.

Among the adult population, interest in the Genero Adran Premier has steadily increased from 9% in 2016, to 15% in 2022. For those describing themselves as football fans, the change in interest is almost 10%, at 24% this year from the original 15% in 2016 (this figure dropped in 2019 to 14%).


Those attending matches is also encouraging, with 19% of football fans saying that they attend matches each season and 5% coming to ‘most games’ and 8% seeing ‘some games’, all of these figures are 2-3% above the European benchmarks.  

Meanwhile, perceptions of the league have become more positive among adults and fans, with significant numbers now describing the Genero Adran Premier as ‘successful’ and having a ‘great atmosphere’.

Adran Premier General Manager, Ianthe Mumford, said: “It’s fantastic to see the hard work of the clubs and league to raise the standards and profile of the Genero Adran Premier paying off.

“To be described as ‘competitive’, ‘entertaining’ and ‘family friendly’, demonstrates the core values of the Adran Leagues.

“Our aim is to have competitions in which our talented players are able to test themselves week in week out, in front of crowds enjoying the football and inspiring the next generation of girls and boys. This independent report suggests we are on the right path to achieving these goals and we’ll continue the hard work to grow and improve.”

The independent National Association Research, conducted by Nielsen on behalf of UEFA, can be downloaded here.

The research was conducted in Wales during April 2022 using standard methodologies on behalf of UEFA. The research is conducted every two years and provides an accurate assessment of Welsh football through a nationally representative sample of the 18+ population based on age, gender and region.