13 January 2023 |

Genero Adran Leagues supports Shelter Cymru's #NoHomeKit campaign for 2023

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The Genero Adran Leagues is pleased to announce its support for the national #NoHomeKit campaign taking place across football in England and Wales. 

Shelter Cymru are asking clubs and fans to swap their home colours for an away or third kit, show support and raise vital funds for those with no safe place to call home. Clubs in the Genero Adran Premier, Genero Adran North and Genero Adran South will get involved in the campaign in their fixtures on January 22. 

The cost of living crisis is hitting hard. In the last year Wales has seen the highest rent rises in the UK outside London, while housing benefits have flatlined. 1 in 4 people in Wales fear they will become homeless within a year.

Rent has skyrocketed, people are unable to pay their energy bills, are cutting back on grocery essentials and are relying on food banks. Employment is no safety net; those in work are also becoming poorer, fighting to keep a roof over their families’ heads.

Whether you are watching at the ground or following along from home, join the movement fighting to defend the right to a safe, secure and affordable home for everyone. Get involved by swapping your home colours for an away or third kit and text ‘HOME’ to 70480 to donate £10. You can also follow this link to donate.

Ianthe Mumford, Genero Adran Premier General Manager, said: “I’m really proud that the Adran Leagues is involved with Shelter Cymru’s ‘No Home Kit’ campaign. Homelessness is something that can happen to anyone and especially in the current economic climate it is more urgent than ever that support is available to those impacted by it. 

“Having volunteered alongside people who have experienced homelessness, I know how powerful football can be in providing an environment in which they can regain confidence and feel part of a community again. Through this campaign our clubs have another chance to demonstrate their support to the homeless community and raise awareness of both the issue and the fantastic work of Shelter.”

You can learn more about Shelter Cymru and the work they do here